Healing Holiday Experience

 Masaje Pasiddhi · Yoga Life Coach

“My job as a Yoga teacher is to support and develop your tools and innate creativity to achieve what you want to become”

*Martin Cairoli and I have decided to combine our unique gifts to give you the opportunity to go deeper into your inner journey, and help you let go of what no longer serves you, both in the physical and energetic and emotional bodies. It’s a journey leading you to a greater union with yourself, allowing you to gain a greater degree of confidence and certainty to live a life of our own choosing.

What is the Healing Holidays Experience?

*Come to the stunning island of Lanzarote, where we have the great luck to live, love and dream, to live a holistic, unique and unforgettable experience.

*Pasiddhi is a therapeutic massage done with care and love; healing the body, the soul and taking them to a state of PEACE.

*Through yoga practices you will learn to train and purify the body, nervous system and mind to remove obstacles in your life and strengthen what is useful:

– Create a healthy, vital and aligned body.
– Create a purified and strong nervous system.
– Learn to concentrate the mind and be focused.

  • You can choose between our different packs:

    *Pack de 3 days*

    *No accommodation

    Coaching 6hs
    Pasiddhi session 770€
    Tulayoga session. 820€

    *Pack de 5 días*

    *No accommodation

    Coaching 9 hs.
    1 Pasiddhi session 1.070€
    1 Tulayoga session. 1.120€




Two locations to choose between La Villa de Teguise and Caleta de Famara.




For more information about flights, activities and places to visit, please do not hesitate to consult.

What does a YogaCoach do?

Removing obstacles:

It will help you to live a life full of abundant flow of energy with clarity of thought, through a progressive and systematic removal of obstacles to a full life. It will help you:

*Mobilize and stabilize joints
*Release tension in the muscles and diaphragms
*Activate muscles that are not working effectively
*Release and systematically access all respiratory muscles (it is the main way to bring life force to the body)
*Purify and strengthen the nervous system
*Clean and educate about nutrition and hydration
*Calm the conversation in your head
*Create beliefs that support well-being
*Learn to redirect your efforts in line with your unique talents and gifts.


Pack 6hrs/9hrs


550€ / 1000€ Programa completo

I look forward to hearing from you to book your first session: