Inneris Home Experience

  Yoga Retreat Lanzarote

Because the biggest commitment of your life is with yourself



“My job as a Yoga teacher is to support and develop your tools and innate creativity to achieve what you want to become”

“The union of Yoga and Mindfulness as a tool to change your life: find your purpose, feel full and be able to apply it to your day to day”

What is Inneris Home Experience?

Come to the stunning island of Lanzarote, where we are lucky to live, love and dream, to live a holistic, unique and unforgettable experience.

I am looking forward to sharing with you my personal project as well as my long career in the world of yoga and meditation. With a unique method that unites the physical practice with the spiritual.

Through yoga practices you will learn to train and purify the body, nervous system and mind to remove obstacles in your life and strengthen what is useful:

*Create a healthy, vital and aligned body
*Create a purified and strong nervous system
*Learn to concentrate the mind and stay focused

  •  Design your own Retreat:

    *Pack of 7 nights*

    *Accommodation €605

    *Yoga Life Coach 7 hours €595 / person person.

    *Initiation Course to Yoga 6 hrs €360 / person (For 1 or 2 people). Includes Diploma

    *Mindfulness Fundamentals Course 6 hrs €360 (For 1 or 2 people). Includes Diploma

    *Facial Yoga and self-care session (Fresh, organic, sustainable and vegan facial care products) as a gift to share our life philosophy.

    Knowing that minimum staying is 4 nights ask me if want to stay less than 7 nights.




Calle Manuel Celador 3, 35560. Tinajo


For more information about flights, activities and places to visit, please do not hesitate to consult.

What does a YogaCoach do?

Removing obstacles:

It will help you to live a life full of abundant flow of energy with clarity of thought, through a progressive and systematic removal of obstacles to a full life. It will help you:

*Mobilize and stabilize joints
*Release tension in the muscles and diaphragms
*Activate muscles that are not working effectively
*Release and systematically access all respiratory muscles (it is the main way to bring life force to the body)
*Purify and strengthen the nervous system
*Clean and educate about nutrition and hydration
*Calm the conversation in your head
*Create beliefs that support well-being
*Learn to redirect your efforts in line with your unique talents and gifts.


Yoga Retreat Lanzarote

7 nights

Inneris Home Experience

Inneris Home Experience


Create your own retreat!


Inneris Home Experience

Inneris Home Experience

I look forward to hearing from you to book your retreat