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Experience reduced stress and greater wellbeing by joining our life-changing yoga classes. Our experienced instructors guide you through gentle stretches, breathing techniques, and meditation to bring your mind, body and spirit into harmonious balance.

“A lifestyle to live an awakened life full of purpose.”

Manage stress, anxiety and depression through yoga

The mental health benefits of yoga make it an invaluable tool for managing daily stressors and improving mood. A regular yoga practice helps release muscular tension and mental chatter, lowering stress hormone levels in the body. As you learn controlled breathing techniques, you’ll find a new sense of calm and inner peace.

Yoga also alleviates anxiety and depression by shifting negative thought patterns. Moving through sequenced poses with a present-moment focus trains your mind to release anxious fixation on the past and future. The combination of movement and meditation creates neural pathways of positivity and emotional resilience.


Daily practice of meditation and yoga are wonderful ways to return to love. I have discovered that the combination of a calm and conscious self-exploration is the best way to illuminate your true essence, which resides in your heart, so you can then interact with the world in a loving and transformed way.

How to meet this need:

Stress, anxiety, inner emptiness, lack of focus, need to emotionally self-regulate yourself.

By using this unique method which teaches you to calmly and consciously explore within yourself so you can then interact with the world in a loving and transformed way. Developing the ability to choose where you want to focus your attention and self-regulate your emotions. Being able to feel the full spectrum of emotions, without identifying with them.

* Private tailored classes:

If you prefer to have private or individual classes….


Online Classes

Tuesday & Thursday 18.00-19.30 Rejuvanate

Wednesday 18.00-19.30 Awakening

Friday 18.30-20.00 hrs Awakening


*1 Class 20€

*1 classes per week 60€/month (4 classes)

*2 classes per week 120€/month (8 classes)

* Private classes > 75€/ 1 hour

*Extra monthly class 15€


7 Igic /% included

Cultivate emotional wellbeing for a healthy mind-body balance

When we take care of our emotional health, we can better manage stress, increase self-awareness, and cope with life’s challenges in a more positive way. Practicing self-care through mindfulness, meditation, and yoga helps us release tension, center our thoughts, and foster compassion towards ourselves and others. Making time to nurture our emotional wellbeing allows us to approach each day feeling grounded and focused.

Release anxiety and overthinking through mindfulness

With regular mindfulness practices, we can distance ourselves from anxious thoughts and make more conscious choices aligned with inner peace. Being fully present stops us from overthinking about the past or future and keeps us anchored in the now. When we turn our attention inward, we can identify destructive thought patterns before they escalate and intentionally shift to healthier perspectives.


Inneris students

What do I need to start with online yoga classes?

To start your online yoga classes, you need a quiet space where you can move freely, a yoga mat, and a stable internet connection. It’s advisable to have some accessories like blocks and a strap, although they are not essential. Make sure your device is set up to follow the class without interruptions.

Are online yoga classes as effective as in-person classes?

Online yoga classes offer flexibility and convenience, allowing you to practice from anywhere. Although in-person experiences have their benefits, many people find that online classes are equally effective in improving flexibility, strength, and mental peace, thanks to expert guidance and the ability to maintain a regular practice.

How do I choose the right online yoga class for me?

Consider your level of experience, goals, and personal preferences. Most online yoga platforms provide detailed descriptions of the classes, including the style of yoga, intensity, and duration. Start with beginner classes if you are new, or choose specific classes that align with your goals, such as increasing flexibility, strength, or relaxation.

What benefits can I expect from practicing yoga online?

Regularly practicing yoga online can significantly improve your flexibility, strength, balance, and mental health. Additionally, it offers you the opportunity to easily integrate practice into your daily routine, reduce stress, improve posture, and increase body awareness. With the variety of classes available, you can explore different styles and find what best suits your needs.

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