Retreat Experience

Yoga, Mindfuness & Nature

 What do I get?

Functional description:


A trip back to your heart, to the truth that lives in your body. A gift for life that you can’t miss!

Do you feel bored? Do you think and feel that there has to be something else to explore in life? Do you feel that you need to observe your internal process and that your internal process affects the external process?

A gift for the senses, to experience the simple joy of BEING. To recover our sensory experience.

In a world that goes so fast and in which the list of things to do is endless there is little time and space to feel and experience through the senses. Lowering the pace.


How it satisfies this need:


– There is always a space between who I want to be and how I behave. The sense of being aligned with our deepest desires can narrow that space.

– It is important to talk about results and what we as human beings are capable of.

What is possible in human experience? much more is possible in terms of happiness, satisfaction, joy, equanimity, love and compassion. It is as if we have established a point to which happiness is allowed. It is as if we are allowed to be happy until here but if we spend time improving our psychological health we can get out of this point. It is something to reflect on, to be aware of whether we want to stay at that point or are open to the human experience offering us much more than this.

The physical body demands, the emotional screams, the mental speaks and the spiritual whispers. You won’t be able to hear the whisper of your heart if you have a lot of noise in the other bodies.

*You will stop the noise! You will hear the voice of your heart! Your guide to a life full of purpose and meaning.
*How many times can we hear the voice encouraging us … “Trust yourself” !!!?
*How many ways can we receive the message “follow your heart?
*How many broken hearts do we need to heal before trusting the resistance of love that heals all wounds?
*How many times do we have to see our habits and patterns delaying before getting up and saying, enough!
*Everyone who reads these lines knows what the next step is in their life, and you know what is the main thing you have to let go to do it. I promise you know it !!! ”

Now the question is: Are you willing?


I love the saying: “One thing at a time, you can do everything” “Moment at a time”


Sometimes it can be overwhelming, in times of many changes you can feel that it is too, very fast, this and that. In any case, after heavy rain, it is difficult to calm a river. The best advice is to surrender to your current and let it take you somewhere!

Where are you going? It is important to know this to lead the course of the coming months. What do you need to leave behind to lighten the load on your trip?

Get out of the autopilot to do and say the same things over and over again if the result does not resonate in your heart.

This retreat will help you find all the answers to your questions! I promise you it will change your life.