One by one

If you follow the practices, YogaCoaching will absolutely transform your life.

*It works only though regular practice and commitment to the life that you want to live and the person you want to become. As your YogaCoach, I will direct you along the path; the practices and the transformation are up to you

What does a YogaCoach do?

YogaCoaching is an ongoing alliance designed to help you to live at your highest potential and become the best version of yourself.

Through the practices of Yoga you will learn to train,purify and master the body, energy systems and mind to remove the obstacles in your life and to strengthen what is most useful:

  • Creating a body that is healthy, vital and aligned
  • Creating a purified, strong, nervous system
  • Learning to concentrate the mind and create laser-like focus


From this place you learn to connect to your unique gifts and talents, connect to deep meaning and purpose , live an abundant life and benefit others. 

What does a YogaCoach do?

My job as a YogaCoach is to support, enhance and develop your skills, resources and innate creativity towards achieving what you want to become, by helping you get clear and identifying and connecting to your unique gifts and talents.

Removing Obstacles:

A YogaCoach will help you live a life of abundant overflowing energy with clear directed thought by progressively and systematically removing the obstacles to a fuller life. They will help you- 

  • Mobilise and stabilise joints
  • Release tension in the muscles and diaphragms
  • Switch on muscles that are not working effectively
  • Free up and systematically access all the breathing muscles (the main way you bring lifeforce into the body)
  • Purify and strengthen the nervous system
  • Clean up and educate about poor nutrition and hydration
  • Quiet the chatter in your mind
  • Smash through limiting beliefs, creating new mindsets that support wellbeing
  • Learn to redirect your efforts in accordance with your unique gifts and talents


7 sessions > 1 hour

7 Chakras

Online and face to face


595€ / 7 session

Igic 7% not included in the price

I look forward to hearing from you to book your first session: