Bali Retreat

* Next dates: 8-18 Sep 2020

For the month of September 2020 I have organized a retreat in the magical mountain in the north of Bali. This retreat is a chance to open your heart and nurture it. To make connections with kind and friendly people. It is a time to return to your breath, your body, your essence. To physical sensations and the qualities of your heart. To feel and bring awareness to your physical and emotional body… the first step to be able to LOVE YOURSELF.

What would you think if you could trust that you are exactly where you should be at this moment? If you could trust that you are moving in the right direction?

Well, the correct direction is towards your inner self. A sacred journey back to your heart. To find the truth that lives inside of you. The sacred temple of your spirit in this instant… We have come to this world to make a sacred journey… “life”. We have come to learn one thing… love!

If you have been trying to learn it alone or you simply feel alone, this is the moment to come and experience love within a community.


> Mountain and Beach Resort

The resort is located in the beautiful region Tejakula, in the north of the island, Bali. It is a sustainable project which maintains a balance with the natural world and the local people. It has its own ecological vegetable garden as well as fruit trees.

There are various types of accommodation. Some of these can be shared or are individual.

> Huts

Made of wood, bamboo, and Alang-Alang leaves. Some huts are made out of tile and stone. They are simple, comfortable and cosy. Each one has its own bathroom.

> Standard room

Made out of bamboo, wood and volcanic rock. Each with their own bathroom. Simple, pretty, comfortable and blended with the surrounding nature.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and catering ARE INCLUDED in the retreat price.

> Catering

Catering is available at any time of the day and consists of water, fresh fruit, infusions of ginger with lemongrass, tea, coffee, chocolate (organic), honey, honey with ginger, palm sugar and lime.

> Breakfast

Fresh fruit, fruit juice or green smoothie, homemade muesli, homemade yogurt (from cow’s milk or cashew nut), homemade toasted bread, tarts made with rice flour (different each day: chocolate and banana, beetroot, banana leaf…); scrambled eggs, dhal, salad, rice, and homemade porridge.

> Lunch and dinner

A delicious and creative fusion of Balinese and Western vegetarian cooking. A base of organic vegetables, tofu, tempah, salads, soups and pulses.

They have their own organic vegetable garden where all they get all their food.

> Flights

Flights and transfer from the airport to the north of the island are not included in the retreat cost.

Transfer from the airport costs approximately 60 euros to share, amongst 4 people (this can vary year to year).

> Visa

You do not need to ask for a visa to go to Bali. When you arrive at the airport they will give you one for free, valid for one month.

* We offer various activities which are NOT INCLUDED in the price; they are optional and must be paid for 15 days prior to your flight departure. The prices vary year to year so we can not confirm the actual cost until closer to the date.

> Water ceremony

Introduction to the ceremonies and offerings (includes transport to the temple).

> Balinese cooking course

You will be shown 5 menus taught by our chef.

> Guided tour of rice fields and bathing in the Sekumpu waterfall

Includes guide, transport and meals.


¿What does it include?

> 10 nights of accommodation

> Yoga classes

> Guided meditation

> Group sessions of Meditation

> Hand massage from Martin Cairoli

> Catering service, 3 meals a day included.

> Group sessions “Finding purpose in your life”


> OPTION 1: Hut – Standard Room – Double – Shared

1.500€ / person

(“Early bird” Offer > 1.300 € /person reserving before 1 December 2019)

> OPTION 2: Hut – Standard Room – individual

1650€ / person

(“Early bird” Offer >1.570€ /person reserving before 1 December 2019)


We remind you that places on the yoga retreat and the Bali mountain ARE LIMITED.

> In order to secure your place you will need to pay a non-refundable deposit of 300€.


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