Artist, writer and inspirer.

Hi, my name is Itziar.

I grew up in Spain, a beautiful country with a rich culture. I’ve always been an explorer, with a big smile and creativity. After many trips around the world looking for peace, and freedom, I arrived on the island of Lanzarote where I now live, grow, share and love.
I firmly believe that love is a powerful force capable of changing the world. The daily practice of meditation and yoga are wonderful ways to return to love and open yourself up to infinite possibilities. During the last 8 years I have received more than 850 training hours with worldwide renowned professors. I’m happy to share with you my knowledge, my experiences and my passion for life.
Compassion, love and inspiration are always present in my life and my teaching. I have discovered that the combinaton of a calm and conscious self-exploration is the best way to illuminate your true essence, which resides in your heart, so you can then interact with the world in a loving and transformed way. My great desire to discover myself and my great passion for life are always present in my teachings. Yoga, meditation and other spiritual practices are still essential in my life in order to be in harmony with myself and all that surrounds me. To fill my life with dreams, light and laughter. To keep learning every day what it means to experience love!
I would like to celebrate life with you and create a community of people centred around the heart in order to continue our journey together.