Family Mindfulness Course

Private course for parents and children

“There is something ordinary but wonderful in sitting down with oneself”


Healthy stress is a natural part of life, including infancy. Adults as much as children must be challenged in order to grow and develop. However, in today’s education system and in modern life, healthy stress is often replaced by toxic stress. Toxic stress happens when life’s demands consistently overtake our ability to meet those demands.

How to meet this need:

/ Developing our full attention: Heightened awareness of our thoughts, emotions, feelings and the world around us.

/ Developing a full heart: The intentional development of positive mental states such as kindness and compassion.


By discussing how the practice of heightened awareness tackles stress and other problems in education, we don’t want to lose sight of the fact that heightened awareness can take us away from managing symptoms to a place where we are developing the most profound capabilities of the human mind.


/ Attention: Strengthens our “mental muscle” to develop the focus to where we want, and when we want.


/ Compassion: The awareness of our own thoughts, emotions and senses increases our compassion of what other people are going through.


/ Emotional Regulation: Observing our emotions helps us to recognise when they occur, to see their natural transitory and to change the way in which we respond to them.


/ Calming: Breathing and other mindfulness practices relax the body and mind, giving us access to peace regardless of the external circumstances.


/ Adaptability: Being aware of our patterns allows us to gradually change our regular behaviour with wisdom.


/ Resistence: Seeing things objectively reduces the amount of narrative that we add to the natural ups and downs of the world. Giving us more balance.


15min sessions / 2 days per week / during 8 weeks

Schedule: according to need

Possible Online


Price 360€

(includes manual and working notebook)