Follow your heart

Follow your heart

Hello!! When you read follow your heart, you may be wondering, how do I recognize the voice of my heart? You can only find the voice of your heart if you regularly seek silence and take time for yourself. It could be time meditating or journaling, maybe sitting under a tree to feel the breeze or reading a book. All of those things can help you recognize the voice of your heart.

Start by setting a clear and sincere intention of wanting to listen to and understand the voice of your heart. And take the time to listen again and again. Your heart is always speaking to you but its voice is a whisper, it is softer than the voice of the mind. The heart speaks to you in different languages and one of the most beautiful languages is joy. As long as you enjoy yourself, your heart is involved. Systematically explore all the things that bring you joy and then live them.

Make sure you enjoy yourself every day!!! You can create joy for yourself with little things. If you make sure you have joy in your life, this will alter the energy that you radiate and this energy will cause you to attract the same vibration outside. Joy attracts joy, joy attracts health, attracts friendship, and attracts abundance in ethereal and material form into your life. “To abundance through joy” can be a mantra.

I share with you an impressive text that I read years ago written by Safi Nidiaye. It went straight to my heart.


Don’t pay attention to money,

attend to the essential things

Essential things are things

What do they matter to the heart?

Do nothing, absolutely nothing for money

But do everything that matters to the heart.

And totally do it.

If you follow this path radically,

the money will follow

I invite you, inspired by this text, to radically follow the path of your heart in this life, which is the path of joy. If something gives you joy, do it!!! It doesn’t matter how much money you receive for it today. Enjoy yourself and what you do. This seed will germinate in your life. Stay true to who you are and your heart without listening to what others want to tell you. Individuals who are focused on security and filled with fear become frightened when they see someone walk their own path and follow their heart without hesitation instead of allowing themselves to be frightened by the voice in their mind.

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With deep appreciation and infinite love,


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