Living the possibility of mystery

Living the possibility of mystery 

Living the possibility of mystery …

In the middle of accelerated chaos pouring through the daily news, it’s normal to feel grief in the center of your heart. Contrast is a powerful teacher, and from the pain you can value more the joy. Duality is the dance floor, and yoga has always been a place where movement is a metaphor.

After tragedy enters into our individual or collective experience, one thing that slows down our healing is the idea that we shouldn’t feel how we feel. If we’re in grief, we tell ourselves we should get over it and be more positive so, in a way we don’t allow ourselves to feel.

If we’re experiencing joy and gratitude, we might feel we shouldn’t be. Something I often say in class is:

Notice how you feel and don?t jugde it. Notice where in your body you feel it. May be your chest is tight, your body is tense, etc.. There is no way to do it wrong. You´re doing it right if feels right to you, if feels honest and true.

In that way you are giving value on authenticity because in the midst of destabilization of structures, an opportunity arises to stand for what you believe in and to offer yourself in the circles of impact that you have. Your most powerful service will come from the trust that you have in honoring your own experience. Trusting yourself supports you as you support others.

Immense emotions can feel overwhelming to the mind and the body, and you can find ways of moving your body that bring your nervous system back to balance and your awareness back to center. Maybe it’s yoga. Maybe it’s hiking, or this, or that. I highly encourage you to notice for yourself: what role does movement play in helping you access your most trusted true sense of self?

I invite you to sit down with your body and mind after you have moved and practice yoga and mindfulness.

With deep love and appreciation,


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