Ritual for an amazing new year

Ritual for an amazing year

Ritual for an amazing year …

Do you want next year to bring you something expansive, bright and wonderful? If you put your intention into it you can do it.

Take a moment to answer these 3 questions before the end of the year.

*Firstly; Something you have done, created or experienced that you feel very proud of?

*Secondly; A mistake you have made and the lesson you have learned?

When we make mistakes it is easy that at the moment we can not see the result objectively. And most importantly when we take perspective it is much easier to see what we can learn.

*Thirdly; A limiting believe that you are prepared to let go? In order to move forward with your live.

In conclusion, grief, guilt, regret, anger, stories that do not serve you more in your life. Or old believes that you are identified with because you believe them so much. We are judging all the time in a way that we live in the prison of our judgments.

Today we know, because science demonstrates that our thoughts influence our body and our life and that we can change them with a firm intention and enough repetition. That is to say, in order to do it we need to became aware first of the thoughts I have every day. For example, if you sit every day in meditation as deeper as you go in your practice as deeper you dive into the knowledge about yourself. Therefore you realize what your thoughts are and then you can start to change them.

I love this quote:

“A bird sit on a tree is never afraid of the branch to broken because the trust it’s trust is not in the branch, is in it’s own wings”

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