Turn wishes into reality

Turn wishes into reality

Turn wishes into reality;

Today I start again this manifestation program that serves me so much and I share it with you. It is an exercise from the book “Welcome to the realm of abundance”.

Few of us have been told as children how life works, so it seems that very few people know themselves. Over more than 10 years teaching yoga, sharing mindfulness courses and working in a personalized way, I have seen how the majority of people who have come to me are confused about how their lives have gone – illnesses, accidents, debts and losses. . I think it is clear to us at this point that we have been creating our reality from a state of unconsciousness. With this exercise we are going to turn wishes into reality.


To begin, I encourage you to deeply explore all your desires. For the next 3 weeks, set aside 15 to 30 minutes each day to do this. Decide how much time you are going to dedicate to this exercise each day and what will be the best time to do it. All you need is white paper and pencil.

Write every day all the wishes that come to your mind. Write down everything that comes to your mind spontaneously; for example: “I want more money, I would like a house on the beach, I would like to meet my life partner, I want to have healthy skin…”. Don’t think about what you are writing but write spontaneously and quickly the wishes that come to your mind. While you write, don’t pay attention to your inner critic who may be whispering: Not you!! You’re too old for this, you don’t have enough money for this. Write until the alarm goes off. Stay in front of your paper until time runs out, you will be surprised by what emerges from your depths.

When you are finished, read all your wishes again and put that piece of paper away. Start fresh the next day by exploring your desires each day. If you do this exercise every day with an attitude of play and curiosity, your heart and subconscious will feel that you are serious about this. You truly want to know what desires, dreams, visions, desires and impulses live inside you and which ones you want to make come true. This daily introspection is an act of love for yourself and will do you good.

Write EVERYTHING you want!!! We have learned not to even imagine many things that can come true for us in our life. We have unconsciously denied ourselves true happiness, we have judged our own impulses as selfish and greedy. Have the courage to write everything down! such as “I would like to have sex with two people at the same time” or “be a millionaire.”

Make this list for 21 days and keep it where no one can find it. If one day you can’t do it, don’t worry, just continue the next day.



After 3 weeks you will sit down with your 21-day list and begin the second part of the exercise, which will take another 7 days. When you slowly look at the wishes on your list, you can put them in one of these 3 categories and mark them with a letter:

T: Desires to HAVE

H: Desires to DO

S: Desires to BE

Examples: “I want to have a partner” T; “I don’t want more debts” T; “I want to learn to ski” H; “I want to travel” H; “I want to be healthy” S.

This classification is only to sharpen your perception among the variety of possible desires and make you more aware.


Next, I invite you to read each of the wishes aloud and stop after each one by closing your eyes; How do you feel? Is there any internal burden associated with this desire? With some desires will you feel excited, moved quickly? Some create an electrical charge in us, which we can quickly recognize. From time to time some desire is associated with an enthusiasm. Mark the desires associated with these reactions with 3, 4 or 5 stars according to the intensity of your reaction.
Now you will have categories of wishes and 2, 3 or 4 stars. Focus on the wishes that the most stars have for the rest of the week. Write them again on another piece of paper, differentiating them into HAVE, DO and BE.


Now let’s rephrase the wishes. Let’s replace the verbs “wish” or “want” or “would like” with a word that will make your wishes come true faster; “I choose” or “I call my life” or “I am open to.” In other words “I am choosing to have a house in a natural environment” or “I choose to live in a house in nature” or “I am open to an easy life full of joy.” Another powerful way to do this is “I am grateful for the house/man/woman of my heart, which is on its way to me.


Now you have a list of powerful desires that are connected to you. They are desires of the heart. Now we are going to dedicate about 20 minutes to each wish. Go to a quiet place, close your eyes and imagine making that wish come true. Draw that scenario with your imagination and feel it. How does it feel to live in your room, your kitchen? Enjoy it, feel it, smell it! With this exercise you will recognize that you have already created your desire on the invisible, ethereal plane and this is a very effective step. Because everything we want to manifest on the material plane must first exist on the plane of the invisible. Focus on the essentials, on those desires that make your heart sing.


Now write each one separately on a different piece of paper and end the sentence with “If it is in the way of my soul” or “If my soul is what it really wants.” Take a few quiet minutes with each wish. Express your desire out loud as a clear decision to create this experience in your life.


Now you can burn the leaf with your desire and want it to manifest. You make your request to the universe by doing this ritual.


You can also buy a nice notebook for this purpose. It will be the house where you will keep things very valuable to you: the desires of your heart. If you look at your wish book from time to time, you will be surprised at how many wishes have been fulfilled.

Don’t try to control how that desire will come into your life. Leave it to your guides.. or in other words, to life! Do the daily exercise to turn your desires into reality and leave the rest in the hands of life waiting for the right moment.

If you want to expand love, share with your friends this exercise on how to turn wishes into reality. And if you want to learn to make decisions based on the wisdom of your body, with a clear mind and a connected spirit, I will be happy to accompany you in the process, take a look at the program that transformed my https://inneris.es/programa-personalizado/

With deep appreciation,


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