Time to move forward?

Time to move forward?


Do you feel exhausted, burned out or lacking inspiration? It is time to move forward?

Perhaps in the past you pursued big goals with energy and ambition. But not anymore.

May be lately, you have been dragging yourself out of bed. Even catching yourself thinking, “Oh God, I do not have the strength to face another day…”

If so, you may be wondering…

What’s going on?
What should I do next?

Don’t worry. You are not alone.

Your body is just trying to tell you something, so listen!

So … It is time to move forward? No, its time to rest, to give your body, mind and soul what they need.

*The sign number 1; It is time for a change. (Don’t ignore this!).

May be you are in a transitory period. When we find ourselves in those moments of transition between what I’ve done in the past and what I’m becoming, there is a SPACE, and that space is usually scary.

You know you need to stop because you’re exhausted, but you’re afraid of losing everything you’ve built so far if you do. So maybe we stop but feel bad about it. I give myself this time to stop but I am aware of my inner voice saying … “this is wrong, you are not being productive, what are you doing?”

* How to recover from burnout.

Stopping to rest, to nourish yourself and allow yourself to do it, being soft on yourself @, is key. Allowing yourself to do so.

Deal only with what is essential, stop for a moment and see what things are in your day to day that you can delegate, stop doing or pause for a couple months.

When we take the time NOT TO DO (and perhaps for this we have to ask for help from those around us, from the family so that they help more with things at home, from your children so that they solve things by themselves because they can already do it) time to nurture ourselves at rest… and we really allow ourselves to, then magic happens.

*This is not the moment to make big decisions in your life.

If you feel tired, exhausted, uninspired, sad or lost, this is NOT the time to make big decisions! Just don´t move.

Because you’re not grounded, you don’t see clearly, it’s like you’re walking in the fog or like there’s a storm and a lot of water on the windshield… you can’t see clearly.

But if you wait a bit, if you give yourself a little time and space to rest, the answers will come to you almost by themselves.

You will know exactly what to do because you will be listening to your soul, not your ego, your thoughts. I have an orchid at home that gives flowers and when they fall it takes time to sprout again.

I have seen in more than 10 years teaching that for most of us, humans, taking this time to look inside, to stop, to become fertile again, to recreate is one of the most difficult things to do! I could experience that years ago when spent 4 months in Bali not doing … This experience changed my life completely.

If you are in this place right now, I need you to HONOR it and not fight it, because if you fight it will weaken you.

Why not use this time to take care of your health. Stop and see if the diet you have is right for you, if you are exercising enough. Am I doing the necessary practices to fill this container with energy and be able to give birth to the next episode of your life?

Because maybe you haven’t stopped to think that the practices or habits you had when you were younger are NO LONGER suitable for you at your 40´s. We are children of monkeys, we do what we are used to doing even if it is not good for us.

If any of this resonates with you, it is another area to look at in this time of rest. What does my body need now?

What is going to be really nourishing, powerful, for me NOW?

What will help me to regain my energy, to regain clarity in my body, mind and soul, to regain the power of who I am NOW?

There is much more creativity in you, it is as if they were seeds that need to be nourished, watered, they need rest and peace in order to flourish. If you’re stressed @ it’s not the necessary environment for nothing to be born.

*How to find joy in the “in between”.

Seek to do things that amuse you, that you really like to do, that give you joy! When you feel exhausted, have you stopped to think about what you have eaten in the last few days, what you have done or who you have been with?

Personally, it helps me a lot to take this journey to become aware of what feels good to me and what doesn’t. It helps me to play!! skate, surf, dance, have fun.

I would love this to help you take the time and space you need to rest and find ways to make room for the next chapter of your life.

Although they didn’t teach me as a child, I learn every day to trust that the mystery always brings something bright, expansive, fun and great.

* How to honor the call of your soul.

Without a doubt my daily yoga and meditation practices are the time-space that teaches to listen to the whisper of my spirit. There are the answers to my questions.

This is why I dedicate myself to teaching yoga, meditation and I accompany people through the Yoga Life Coach. These practices have become my lifestyle!

I have discovered that only by going through the layers of our physical, emotional and mental body can I come to feel the joy of being and listening… to the call of my soul.

I take this opportunity to share with you my new project “Inneris Home Experience” and give you the opportunity to come to the impressive island of Lanzarote, where we are very lucky to live, love and dream, to live a holistic, unique and unforgettable experience.

I am looking forward to sharing with you my personal project as well as my long career in the world of yoga and meditation. With a unique method that unites the physical practice with the spiritual.

Here you can see photos and information if this resonates with you for your next Inneris Home Experience vacation.

I would like to know in the comments below if any of this resonates with you and how you are going to implement it in your life!

With deep appreciation and endless love,



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