Conscious breathing

Conscious Breathing Exercise in 4 steps

Conscious breathing 

Conscious breathing exercise in 4 steps;

These 4 Mindfulnes breathing exercises are for you to bring the mind back to the body and take care of your body.

Step 1. Awareness of Breathing

Focus your attention only on your inhalation and release everything else. Release the past, the future, your projects and you are free. Just inhale and you are free because at that moment you are not your fear or your anger. You are only your breath.

Inhaling, repeat mentally “I know I am inhaling”

Breathing out, mentally repeat “I know I’m exhaling”

I am inhaling. Inhaling makes me feel alive!!

You can really enjoy inhaling and exhaling in awareness.

The effect can be very profound because when you pay attention to your Inhalation and return home, to your body, you immediately understand. When body and mind are together, you are truly here and now to live your life.

Step 2. Follow your breath

Inhaling, repeat mentally “I follow my inhalation from the beginning until the end”

Exhaling, repeat mentally “I follow my exhalation from the beginning until the end”

While doing this you not only cultivate conscious awareness, you also cultivate concentration.

You can celebrate the miracle of being alive just by inhaling. This is already happiness. You don’t need to look for happiness anywhere else. Just sit down and inhale and enjoy the fact that you are alive.

When you focus your attention on the breath you will immediately realize that you are living reality, present Here and Now, sitting on this precious planet 🌍 Earth. Around you there are trees, the sun shines, the blue sky. Meditation and concentration put you in touch with the wonders of life and allow you to value and appreciate these things.

A few seconds of meditation can bring this understanding.

These 3 energies together; mindfulness, concentration and understanding can create happiness and joy.With these 3 energies we can easily bring joy and peace to every moment of our daily lives.

Step 3. Body awareness

The third exercise is to be aware of your body.

Re connect with the body every time we remember that we have a body.

First it is necessary to stop and calm comes later.

Inhaling “I am aware of my whole body”

Exhaling “I am aware of my whole body”

When you are with your body, not only do we touch the wonder of your body, but maybe you realize that there is something in your body that needs to be transformed, such as tension and pain accumulated in your body. Modern life causes tension and stress to accumulate in our bodies. 

Step 4. Releasing tension in the body

Being with your body, you may notice that your body holds tension, pain and stress.

While you inhale and exhale let go of the tension in your body. This is the practice of deep relaxation.

You do not need to set a special time to practice. You can practice all day and get the benefits of the practice instantly. Driving, taking a shower, preparing food. You can enjoy all that. Practicing breathing mindfulness is an act of love. You become an instrument of  peace and joy, and you can help others.

Wishing you much kindness in your practice and in your life.

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